Kang & Maggie officially created "Kangaroom Studio" in 2011.

The first ring of Kangaroom was just made for fun and experimentation, without any specific reasons. They have made other rings also and gave them to their friends as a gift.

They both love to travel and always take pictures with the rings during the trip. Their rings have become a friend since then, which is also a part of their memories.

This idea, as a result, pushes them to try expanding their works to everyone around the world.

For them, ring isn't only Jewellery. It both represents whatever you are and also will be with you wherever you go.

"Kangaroom" stands for "Kang" and "a room”. It interprets where he can create this well-beloved design by his freedom in his own space. The rings are ready to send the new theory of happiness to all people around the world.

Kangaroom is a handmade jewellery that presents a new vision of Art and Fun. We want to create an art piece that also hides some fun and looks pretty unique.

“Friends” to be wherever you are, be whatever you be. Also to explore the beautiful world.. the world of creation and joyful together.

Absolute unique.