About designers

Kangaroom studio was founded by Kang & Maggie in 2008. The first ring was created unexpectedly. Our craft rings have individual characteristics and unique which also made our friends fallen in love.

Our rings have their own individual characters to give its wearer a feeling. Rings can become your new friends and represent whom you are. Also, they will be with you wherever you go.

High-quality Polyester Resin is the main material. With experimental and designed techniques, the process is all handicraft. With the use of hands, here comes one-of-a-kind handcrafted rings.

" The first ring of Kangaroom was created unexpectedly, without any specific reasons since 2008. "

Kangaroom is a handmade jewellery that presents a new vision of Art and Fun. We want to create an art piece that also hides some fun and looks pretty unique.

“Friends” to be wherever you are, be whatever you be. Also to explore the beautiful world.. the world of creation and joyful together.

Absolute unique.

Meditation (Body jewelry) Polyester resin by Kang (2001)

Parallel reflection (Ring, Brooch) Mixed materials with Brass by Maggie (2011)