About collections

Original designs

Kangaroom original products are handmade with high quality Polyester resin. The colour is mixed at the beginning of the process, so it is permanent and waterproof. The process was completely handcraft and slow hand assembly, resulted the one-of-kind ring finished.

Limited edition

Products designed following the themes of each inspiration. Using complicated resin casting techniques, as a result, there comes each ring its own individual style by the absolutely unique and original form of uncontrollable art.

Couple collection

the couple collection 2017

UNME (You and Me / UN-ME) is designed for couple rings in the concept of Yin-Yang (the Taoist philosophy of the balance of nature). Not a single contrast, they are 2 different things which are difference but complementary.

KISS THE UNIVERSE | Pass the love across the universe.
the couple collection 2018

Like stars, they always gravitate towards each other. Like a couple, they are always together. We would like to represent simple rings with power of the heart. With power of the gravitity, when each ring comes a little closer, only the right couple can be kissed.

Vintage series

Time flies, but not memory. Keep classic with the Kangaroom's black brass patination series.